Don’t talk to me that way.

I just had a conversation with a banking official on behalf of my client who not only insisted that my client had been lied to and had lied to me, she acted as if the bank had been extremely generous in waiving more than 10 $37 overdraft fees that the client had incurred during a checking account fraud claim resolution process. She repeatedly said, "We gave her that money. So we were right to take it back."

She also repeatedly referred to my client as "the lady" or "that woman", never by her name, even though my client was, at the bank’s insistence, on the phone with me at the time. Every time she did this, I corrected her and said, "Miss Smith." You would think she would have caught on and treated my client with a modicum of respect, but she did not do that.

I don’t expect the fact that I have a J.D. and a license to practice law to command respect when I talk to people. But well, it does, and if you are going to treat me with respect, you need to do the same for my client. I’m a little surprised that I didn’t actually lose it on her, and I was shocked when she ended our 45 minute conversation by telling me that she couldn’t do anything about the problem and we needed to call the bank manager. Which would have been fine, but don’t put me and my client down for 45 minutes and waste our time like that.


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  1. Courtney

    When I read the title to this post it just makes me want to start singing Coconut Records song, Nighttiming.

    “Heyyyy, don’t talk to me that way.”

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