Go Further: March Challenge

I’m about to go find my knee brace so we can go for our 9 mile run.  We stepped up our training on Sunday and I finally put in 8 miles.  Originally the plan was to do an 8 mile run the week before, and last weekend should have been 10, but alas, that didn’t happen.  So today is 9 and next weekend is 10, then a taper week, then race week. 

The 8 mile run was great and my timing was pretty good – I kept a 10 minute pace pretty much the entire time, according to my watch at the end.  This means I’m on track for my goal. 

I also fit in one run this week that I tried to do as “speed training” – a 3.05 mile run that I finished in 29 minutes – so not as good as my last one, but not bad either.  I’ve taken it easy the last two days to try to give my body a break before I put it through a 9 mile run.  Ideally, we would have had a taper run between the 8 and the 9, for a bit more of a break.  I had some knee issues on the 8 mile run, so I need to find my brace before I can tackle today’s run.  I’ll edit this post later and let you know how it goes.  We’re going out of the city to the nice trail, so I’ll be running on crushed stone, not brick, which will be better for my ankles.  I’m still running on my old orthotics, but they are holding up well. 

Other than the two runs, I did one boot camp class and a weight workout this week.  I took yesterday off, but I do still walk to work, so I’m getting at least a mile and a half in every day.  How did you do??



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3 responses to “Go Further: March Challenge

  1. I am really happy to report I got my 4 workout goal completed this week. Last Friday I did Zumba, Tuesday I pedaled on a recumbent bike and did lunges (since I pulled a muscle in my back on Saturday I wanted to be careful), Wednesday I took a cardio kickboxing class (which totally kicked my ass — my arms are still super sore which is funny because based on the class’ name, I would have assumed my legs would be sore), and last night I did a short run on the elliptical machine. The cardio kickboxing class had some strength training, but this past week was mostly cardio for me.

    I am realizing that my weight is completely inconsistent now, and that perhaps I should have been measuring the inches of my thighs and waist, instead of trying to follow fat loss through weight. My weight bounces around 2-3 pounds daily. One day I’ll go in and weigh 131, the next 133.5. It’s frustrating to not have a better way to track my progress. I know this is because of muscle gain and also the amount of food I eat in any one give day (I weigh myself when I get to the gym in the evening, which means I’ve already consumed two meals).

    Perhaps I should have done a body composition evaluation at the beginning so it’d be easier to compare how far I’ve come. But they seem a little pricy at my gym.

    • vadoporroesq

      I would just go by inches and also, you will eventually see what will feel like a big drop, if you stick with it. I was bouncing around the same way, between 151 and 154, up and down and up and down, and finally a week and a half ago, I stepped on the scale and was back at 148, which is my post-bar weight. My weight is now bouncing around 148. But yes, measure inches – it can really help to see progress there. My brown suit finally fit again, so I knew I was finally back near where I wanted to be.

  2. Jo

    I’m feeling really good about it: I actually got in several miles walked and a few weight workouts. I wish there were faster results, but I know that I’ve been pushing myself and that’s all I can ask right now.

    Next week: I’m aiming for three workouts as well.

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