Fashion Cents: Help

I need to own the following items:A blazer in a color that isn’t black, in a pattern that isn’t "old" and in a color that will go with black dress pants (and I can’t wear single button)
A belt (am currently wearing husband’s) to wear with suit pants.
A belt to wear over a baggy sweater or suit in a stylish way.
A replacement belt for my trench coat
Sleeveless or short sleeved shells to go under suits that come at least halfway up my sternum (no cleavage, and my office gets really hot)
Pants or skirts with pockets, so I can put important things in them and not carry my purse everywhere

Has anyone seen these items anywhere? Please share links and remember I’m a public interest lawyer. Where do you go for your professional clothes? I used to be an Ann Taylor Loft junkie, but they got way more expensive and their quality dropped. I’ve heard Banana Republic suggested, but my shirts from there keep getting pilled, which makes me wary.



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3 responses to “Fashion Cents: Help

  1. I say head to your nearest outlet mall. That’s where I score most of my work clothes. Banana Republic Factory Store should have belts, shells, and blazers. I’ve also had luck with shells from The Limited.

    I recently bought a belt at Talbot’s (1st thing I’ve ever bought there), that I am wearing today. I couldn’t find it online, but did come across this one which is nice:

    Here are some more belts:

    • vadoporroesq

      I didn’t see your comment until this morning, but I had excellent luck at the Outlets over the weekend. I scored a great suit from Banana Republic, new shoes from Ecco, and two sweaters from Ann Taylor Loft. I didn’t have any luck finding a belt though, so I’ll take a look at your suggestions!

  2. Mel

    So it may not be the cheapest but they often have sales, so… I would consider looking at Macy’s. Yes they carry some higher end brand names but they also have more reasonably priced clothing that lasts. I’ve never had complaints about the quality of clothing there.

    The other option for some of the basics would be New York and Company. I have some brightly colored button down shirts from there that are just as brightly colored as the day I got them 2 years ago. And, I just realized that today I am wearing a NY&Co sweater that’s probably 2-3 years old. No piling and the color still looks sharp.

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