Go Further: March Challenge

This week has been ups and downs.  Wednesday, I laced up my sneakers and noticed that one of my feet felt…off…as in, substantially lower than the other.  I checked my orthotics in the off-shoe and realized they were fine.  I checked the other one and was horrified to find that it had cracked in half.  My first thought was, “omgIdonthavehealthinsurance.”  Which isn’t exactly true – I have health insurance, but not insurance that will cover new orthotics, or a trip to the podiatrist.  Fortunately, they are under warranty and I will be returning them today to hopefully be fixed by the ten miler. 

I have a functional pair of old orothotics that I dug out and fit in my shoes.  Fortunately, they fit well in my new shoes and I was able to wear them for a 3 mile run on Wednesday and a 5 mile run today.  They make my ankles hurt a little bit, but they’re pretty good.  I’ll be wearing them for 8 miles on Sunday, so that will be the real test. 

So how did I do towards the challenge this week?  Well, last Saturday, we set out on what was to be a 6 mile run, but fell a bit short, at 5.5.  We kept a pretty good pace though, and finished it with around 10-minute-miles, although neither of us did a good job of timing.  On Wednesday, I wore my heart rate monitor and pushed myself, with great success.  I managed to finish my usual 3.05 mile loop in 28:27, which is pretty close to my 5k PR . Since doing weekly shorter runs at a 5k pace is part of pretty much every speed training program, I’m really happy with this time.  I was also really happy with my ability to use my heart rate monitor to gauge how fast I should be going.  I tried to keep my HR around 160.  I think I will try to do this again on Sunday for our long run. 

Today’s run was much more casual – I was literally running errands – I ran to the bank and the cleaner’s, walked home, went for a 3 mile run with my friend, and then ran to pick up my car, which was another half mile away.  We went pretty slowly, but that’s okay – we had a new running buddy and she’s recovering from a back injury.  I’m pleased with doing more runs during the week in addition to weekend runs, and also the slightly longer distances I’ve been doing – these will all help with my 10-mile goal. 

How’s everyone else doing?



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4 responses to “Go Further: March Challenge

  1. Well I ended up getting in 3 workouts this week instead of 4 thanks to the unexpected Minneapolis trip, a late work night, and a haircut. Excuses, excuses, I know.

    I did two cardio runs on the elliptical and a strength circuit class. Not too bad.

    I did weigh myself last Friday (a day after I weighed myself at 130) and I weighed 133. Oh yo-yo weight please stop. Not sure how one can gain 3 pounds of muscle overnight, but that’s what I’m going to pretend it was.

  2. Jo

    I ate very well with an excellent amount of fruit and veg, and got in one workout. Next week I am aiming for three.

  3. Ha! I know exactly what you mean, I always say I don’t have health insurance, which isn’t true….it’s just awful!

    I need to get running and get back in shape. The weather is perfect so no more excuses!

    • vadoporroesq

      The weather is amazing! My running buddy and I put in 8 miles today and it was perfect out. The sky was clear, the temps were in the low 60s, and since it was light late, we went around 4pm.

      No excuses indeed! Lace up and get out!

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