More shoes.

Okay.  So I’ve now worn my ugly-grandma shoes to work twice, and my boots once.  It’s getting a little too hot here for boots.  I stopped at the mall on my way home (yes, there is a mall on my walk home…dun dun dunnnnn) and visited the Aerosoles store.  I tried on these, which I wouldn’t have ordered:

I tried them on in black fabric, and they are seriously fun, with the perfect height of heel and arch support.  They are also only $50, which is way cheaper than a lot of the other “career” shoes I’ve been checking out.  They had a seam that was in a bad place for me though, so I’ll probably pass, unless the website has a good deal + free shipping sometime soon.  I learned awhile ago that for every $50 I don’t spend on an “almost okay” pair of shoes, I can spend $100 on a pair that fits perfectly and looks good.  As per much of your advice, I’m saving up for a pair of Ecco’s.  I’m also pretty in love with these, which will be perfect for the summer – a closetoed sandal!  What lady lawyer doesn’t need that?


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