Hot Yoga

I recently tried hot yoga for the first time.  Then I tried it for the second, third, and fourth time.  I’m not sure it’s fair to call me a “convert”, but hot yoga at least no longer sounds like The Worst Idea Ever, and if I’m looking for a yoga class, I’ll learn towards a hot yoga class.

On Friday, I finally hit the sweet spot of how to place your hands on your towel so your hands don’t slide away and also your wrists don’t hurt.  I use this towel (the small one) at the top of my mat and it absorbs sweat and provides just a bit of cushioning.  All the other towels I have tried did not work as well at absorbing quickly, or providing a cushion.  I have a couple other gym towels I tried and also tried using a regular bath towel once. 

There are a few things that I really want for hot yoga that I think would help my practice, and will be adding them to my list of things to buy when I have a real, full time, paying job. 

A skidless yoga mat towel

A breezy hot yoga tank top with cinching around the waist so my shirt doesn’t fall down

Yoga capris/leggings so that my knees aren’t quite so slippery.  Right now, I’m wearing bermuda shorts. 

A second mat to go under mine, or a thicker mat, since a lot of the local studios have hardwood floors. 

I’m a little disappointed because I’ve been doing regular yoga for about a month now and am not seeing Big Improvements.  I’m seeing some small improvements, like I don’t fall over quite as much, but I still wish I was improving faster or able to do more.  However, I am getting closer and closer to being able to take Crow, which is a big step.  Maybe also someday my downward dogs won’t look quite so silly and unaligned? 

Do you yoga?  Do you hot yoga?  Anything else that should be on my list?  Any tips on how to improve more?

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  1. Jo

    I love yoga and would love to do it more, but I am put off by the price, sadly.

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