Well, that happened fast.

Last Monday, my friend who was waiting for her start date got it.  On Tuesday, her old job hired me.  She starts Thursday.  I start today.  So, say it with me now: whoooooooooooa. 

I am determined to shift back into the working world with as much ease as possible, working regular hours, for the three days a week I’ll be working.  (Yes, this is a part time job.  But say the word “job” with me, slowly now.  Relish it.  I know I am.)  So what have we learned from this?

1.) Networking works.

2.) Volunteering works.

3.)  Having really awesome friends works.



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5 responses to “Well, that happened fast.

  1. Congratulations! So pleased for you. Part time schmart time, it’s a job and you will be amazing. Having awesome friends does indeed work.

  2. Congratulations again! I’m so happy and proud of you.

  3. Congrats! Friends are the best network possible.

  4. I am so, so happy that you found something! Fingers crossed that it leads you to more good things.

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