Go Further: March Challenge, Week 1

Alright! So everybody, it’s check in time.  March has started, and hopefully everybody is at least trying to reach their goals…and I’ll start with how poorly I’m doing, so you guys don’t need to feel bad for slacking, if you are. 

How am I doing?  Well, I went running twice this week.  I ran a 1.5 miles to Boot Camp class on Monday, which I did manage to do in about 15 minutes, my goal pace, but not for a long distance.  I ran Wednesday morning with my friend from college, and managed to cover a little over 5 miles, but since she is getting over bronchitis, we ran/walked for most of it, which is great for my endurance for 10-miler training, but not necessarily for pacing.  I also skipped my usual Tuesday run with my hockey teammate.  I would give myself a B- for effort this week. 

On the bright side, I did go to Boot Camp class, where I am developing things like my hip muscles so I can be a stronger, more balanced, runner.  I also did yoga on Wednesday and plan to hit a yoga class today, and have already scheduled a 6+ mile run, hopefully at a pretty good clip, for tomorrow. 

The most important thing that I did was pull out my heart rate monitor and wear it for my run on Wednesday.  My HRM measures both my heart rate and my time spent exercising.  I’m hoping to actually start using it for speed training in the future, but a key part is to get into the habit of wearing it, and checking my watch to keep my time in check. 

How is everybody else doing?  Check in, even if you aren’t even close to meeting your goal!



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11 responses to “Go Further: March Challenge, Week 1

  1. Oh god, I’m rubbish. I haven’t been on ANY runs this week. I went on one last week and nearly died. But I did go to Body Balance on Wednesday, and now I can barely raise my arms above my head, so, you know, that’s something. I’m planning on going for a run tonight though, and again on Sunday, so hopefully next week’s check-in won’t be quite so pitiful.

    Oh and I have officially signed up for the relay marathon in May. That counts for something, right…?

    • Yes, all of this counts for something! I hope your run tonight is a good one, and that you also go on Sunday. Looking forward to your check in next week.

      • Oh no. I have already failed. I had macaroni cheese instead of going for a run. I am a D-.

        But I will DEFINITELY go tomorrow, AND Sunday.

        How are you all so amazingly motivated?? I fear I am going to lower the class average here…

  2. I also went running (on the treadmill) twice this week, plus I did an elliptical workout and my 1-hour yoga DVD. I am happy with my workouts this week though I am only a little bit closer to cracking that 11-minute mile. It may not happen this month but at least I am getting to the gym!

    • Congrats on a great workout week. Have you tried doing sprints on the treadmill? I like to adjust the incline and the speeds a lot to keep things interesting. Because treadmills kind of suck, let’s be honest.

      • I’m using an iPhone app that times me on different segments and different speeds — helps keep things a little bit more varied. I actually don’t mind the treadmill! I can watch the TV at the gym and my mind kind of wanders and daydreams. It’s a nice get-away-from-it-all feeling.

        A possible future goal for me: yoga 2x a week instead of just once a week. Does anyone here know a good yoga DVD? I love Brian Kest’s Power Yoga DVD but I would love an alternate workout too.

      • vadoporroesq

        I really like Sara Ivanhoe’s workouts – I have Yoga for Dummies and an old crunch one she did, and I’ve tried a few others through Comcast. There are some well-reviewed ones by her available on Amazon.

  3. Jo

    Big fat fail. I’ve started doing pushups regularly, but that’s the extent of my exercise. I also made a cake and then ate half of it. But I’ve increased my veg intake. This weekend I’ll get loads of walking exercise, but I’ll be drinking constantly so all in all I’d say a C.

    • Are you going on a bar crawl?

    • I had to stop baking when I gained weight. Which is a shame, because I love to bake and I love baked goods. Good for you for increasing your vegetables. If I had to rank my vegetable intake for this week, it’s like a G.

      One tip for things where you are drinking constantly that I like to follow is alternate drinks with water – you’ll still get pretty drunk, just a little more slowly, and then you don’t drink as much overall. Plus it helps with hangovers.

  4. I am actually pretty proud of my results this week. I got to the gym four times with two cardio workouts and two strength/resistance workouts. I had hoped to take a cardio class because they tend to push me harder than I do on my own on the elliptical, but I forgot my gym shoes, so no cardio class for me.

    I have been noticing a small bit of muscle definition developing in my arms which encourages me. And I’ve been guzzling a lot more water and eating a lot less cheese.

    And for the kicker, I weighed myself last night and I’m down to 130! So this means that I’ve lost 6 pounds since early January. Five more to go.

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