Fashion Cents: Shoes

I cannot be the only person out there who needs comfortable, supportive, professional shoes.  I don’t even care that much anymore that they be attractive.  I walk .6 miles to the courthouse, and the same .6 miles home.  So I need shoes that fit, have arch support, don’t give me blisters, and can go with skirts or pants.  Last year, I caved and ordered about 10 pairs of shoes from Zappos.  From the lot, I found these which fit at least the arch support requirement.  I put foot petals in them and they mostly don’t give me blisters, and I can walk a mile in them.  The biggest problem?  They are ugly.  They are at least nondescript, nurses clog ugly. 

They definitely don’t look right with skirts, but I’m not a person to choose fashion over comfort.  Because, say it with me, limping is unprofessional. 

So I’m trying to find at least a slightly better pair of shoes to wear with skirts.  One thing I have learned is that Mary Janes are much more comfortable than other shoes for walking longer distances, since the strap holds the shoe on your foot properly and your toe gets cramped.  One of my favorite brands for high-fashion comfortable shoes is Aerosoles (and don’t even think about suggesting Naturalizers to me), and they go on sale more often than brands like Sofft. 

Unfortunately, they have a much higher heel than I would like.  Each inch of heel puts another ~100 pounds of weight on the ball of your foot.  High heels are bad for you.  Nonetheless, I love these and I think I could at least pull them off with pants. 

Anyway, I’ll probably end up with something a little more like this from the Timberland Pro line. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for low-heeled comfortable shoes that cost under $100 (and preferably more like $50?)


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3 responses to “Fashion Cents: Shoes

  1. They’re a bit spendy, but when you find them on sale, Ecco Shoes are a miracle. I have slightly wide feet and Eccos fit like a dream; they have great arch support and cushioning too. Clarks is also one of my favorite brands — see if you can find Clarks at your local DSW (do you have a DSW nearby?).

  2. Jo

    Those are all adorable!

    I desperately want some Danskos.

    And I love those green ones.

  3. I have a pair of Eccos (these ones) that are a dream! And a pair of pretty basic-but-cuter Dansko clogs (with backs). These are my professional comfort go-to’s. I paid $15 and $8 for them, respectively, but I’m not squicked out about buying pre-owned shoes.

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