The only thing encouraging in this horrible economy, as today marks the beginning of the fifth month of my unemployment, is that I have a few powerful allies.  The best powerful allies are people who you have worked with in the past who can help you get a job.  If you have a job, you need to start making these allies now.  If you don’t have a job, exploit the allies you have and work to make new ones.

My most powerful ally has been a former internship supervisor who has helped introduce me to people, alerted me to new job postings, and constantly says, “I saw/heard about this job and immediately thought of you.”  In addition, my ally supported me when I looked into seasonal work and work that was beneath me.  She’s also offered me opportunities like pro bono opportunities and tickets to events.  It’s really nice to feel like somebody in this market doesn’t just understand, she has my back.

A really good way to create an ally is to keep in touch with a former supervisor and help them out.  Just shoot them an email, remind them you are looking for work, and suggest that in the meantime, you help could help them with a small project.  This will help you build a better relationship and create a bridge to the future.

It is important to me that when I get a job, I find a way to be a powerful ally for people who I want to see succeed and most importantly, people I want to work with.


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  1. Jo

    The word “ally” is so much warmer than networking, and more accurately represents the relationship, I think.

    This is a brilliant post! I’ve found most of my allies in my grad school classes.

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