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When I quit the gym, I was worried about how to get my fix for classes.  I love fitness classes, so I knew that I was giving up a big part of my workout routine.  I know I can get my cardio from running and riding my bike once the snow has fully melted, but I really want to be able to participate in classes. 

So when the New Year hit, I signed up for Living Social daily deals, and asked my husband to tell me about any good Groupons that he saw for fitness stuff or fitness classes.  I signed up for one with a local gym/personal training studio that teaches an awesome Boot Camp class on Monday nights, as well as kettlebells class (which is part of my goal to be badass).  The class is pretty cool, because the girls all know each other and the trainers really make an effort to know the students and it’s small, so it’s really nice.  I think there are usually about 6-7 of us.  It’s also 1.5 miles from my house, so it’s an easy run to class, and then I hop on the free bus home. 

Yesterday another Living Social deal came up for a local aquatics club.  I signed up immediately, because at $20 for six weeks, it covers both my husband and myself, and they have several pools, a gym, and classes.  The class selection is a bit limited, but they have spinning classes, which is what I miss the most from my gym membership.  I’m also really excited about getting to swim more, and I’m hoping to really get my money’s worth out of this deal. 

Anyone else buy coupons from deal sites for gyms?  Any tips for what to look for or what makes a good deal?


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