Women Lawyers

There is a blog I read sometimes called Legal Antics.  They don’t post a lot, but one thing they post is weird people who post on craigslist classifieds.  These people are almost always lawyers (since it’s a lawyer-blog) and they are also almost always men. 

These posts are usually something like, “I’m a lawyer, so I’m really rich and smart.  I’m looking for somebody stupid and hot with major daddy issues that I can spoil with money and who will give me great sex. Don’t expect to actually spend any time with me, since like I said, I’m a lawyer.”  They are basically ads for prostitution. 

It probably makes other people wonder, “why are men lawyers such jerks?”  For me, I see a lot of my classmates from law school.  People who think getting into law school means they are smart, and that getting through law school means they will be rich.  These guys are still single (shocker), make obnoxious comments about women’s appearance and weight, and are confused about why women won’t date them.  BTW, these guys are maybe 10-25% of the guys in law school, so they are definitely not a majority but they are also not such a tiny minority. 

Some of the guys I went to law school with would say things like, “I only date thin women because that means they work out” or “Well, maybe Anna has a boyfriend but he didn’t come to the party, which means she’s fair game for me.”  One guy even started a blog about how he’s married, but still a bro, and the best part of that is that he doesn’t have to hang out with his wife’s fat ugly friends anymore.  I would link to it, but he had the good sense to take it down.  Possibly because his wife saw it and objected to being called his, “forever slam piece”. 

It’s a little like the Social Network where, in the first scene, Erica says to Mark Zuckerberg, “You will go through life thinking women won’t date you because you’re a nerd.  You should know it’s because you’re an asshole.” 

Anyway, it begs the question of why women lawyers don’t post classified ads on Craigslist with the same sense of entitlement to a hot, in-shape, animal-in-the-bedroom guys as these men do.  I mean, we’re smart.  Maybe we just don’t make as much money?  Maybe we don’t want men-as-pets?  I dunno.  But I think it’s an interesting marker of some of the pervasive sexism that still exists in the legal culture.


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