Go Further March Challenge: Check In

Okay, the challenge starts next week, but I said you could start earlier, so feel free to check in.

How did I do on my goal?  I went running at the reservoir near my in laws last weekend and attempted to do 6 miles.  I came in a little short at something like 1:12 minutes.  My goal is to be able to do 10 miles in under 1:40, which requires 10 minute miles.  I stopped to go to the bathroom, which cost me maybe 5 minutes, so this is still pretty slow.

It is further than I have run since December though, so I’m pleased that I was  able to complete the distance, and I think I’m well set up for 10 miler training.  I just need to work in more weekday runs to improve my speed, but unfortunately, it snowed this week and then it rained, which hopefully will make for clear sidewalks next week.

How is everybody else doing?

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One response to “Go Further March Challenge: Check In

  1. If we are counting Friday-Thursday as our week, I failed miserably. Last Friday I was completely exhausted, so I decided to move my workout from Friday to Saturday. But I have an awful time trying to convince myself to go to the gym when it’s the weekend. If I’m already out and about, I can get myself to go, but if I’m just hanging out at home, I have a really hard time motivating myself to leave the cozy environment. And we had a three-day weekend in which I stayed at home as much as possible. And then I got sick on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    So all of that is my big excuse to the fact that I have only exercised once since my last check in, even though my goal is 4 times per week. Big fail there.

    I hope the rest of you did better. I really think we should all start using the same hashtag on twitter. I do a lot better when I know others are working out. It motivates me to go too if I know other people are being active.

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