Job Fairs

I’m going to a job fair today.  I had promised myself, this time last year, that I would have a job by this time.  That I wouldn’t be like my friend S. who came to the public interest job fair at my school, looking sad and dejected. 

Well, I’m going to the job fair.  I was wrong.  But guess what? S. found a job at the fair.  Because she was one of the only attorneys there, and there were a few places hiring.  So…I’m suiting up.  And printing some resumes.  On the fancy paper.  That’s right. 

Job fairs can be a professionalism landmine and nightmare.  I will navigate this by doing/not doing the following:

  1. I will be upbeat.  This is not hard – it’s 57 degrees outside!  And SUNNY!!!!
  2. I will be confident about my skills and abilities. 
  3. I will NOT be self-deprecating, even if it makes people laugh.
  4. I will NOT bitch about the horrible economy and blame that entirely. 
  5. I will talk to everyone there about what opportunities they offer and what I can or should be doing to improve my chances of getting hired by their organization or a similar one. 
  6. I will ask people if they might be willing to have coffee or lunch with me sometime to talk more about the market/their profession/their organization. 


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2 responses to “Job Fairs

  1. Go get em Ellie!!

    Definitely keep an open mind about who you meet. Even if they don’t have a job for you, they might know someone else with a job for you. Don’t be afraid to network and definitely follow up with everyone one you meet. Take notes on the back of their business card about what you talked about so you have something to refer to when sending them an email followup.

  2. Resume paper! One of my least favorite paper goods.

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