10 Miles

Yesterday I decided to sign up for the 10-miler in April that I’ve been eyeing.  It’s an expensive race, so I almost signed up for one that was cheaper, but all of my friends were doing this one and it’s a better experience that way – and I think that’s worth the extra $25.  Also I get a technical t-shirt, which are usually pretty nice.  (Although sizing is always a gamble.)

So 10 miles, on April 10th.  That gives me 7 weeks to train to run 10 miles.  Right now, I know I can run 3 (I can usually run six without a problem, but it’s been awhile since I worked out).  I’m trying to decide whether the better plan is to follow a conservative training plan, running 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and then taper the week before the race; or if I should instead crash train and do 6, 7, 8, and 10, and then continue running 10 milers for another two weeks to increase speed and endurance, and then taper the week before. 

The advantage to the first plan is a gradual increase in mileage leads to lower injuries and fewer black toenails.  The advantage to the second plan is that whenever I increase my mileage, I have a lot of trouble walking for two days, but then I’m fine, and the next time I run that same distance, I feel really good about it and get used to it.  I’m also intrigued because I’ve never tried this type of training, but would like to.  I also would like to get to the point where I run 8-10 miles on the weekend (it will help enormously when I finally run a marathon.) 

I like the idea of getting used to the ten miles, because then nothing on race day is a surprise except the scenery.  I’ll know exactly when I start to have trouble and how to prevent that – and I really, really, really want to break 1:30 for a 10-miler, so I’m definitely going to be working in a speed workout during the week to try to increase my pace some.



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2 responses to “10 Miles

  1. Good luck! I’m amazed at all you runner types.

    Also, I still think you should come to Fargo and do the marathon here. Free housing and food would be yours!

    • vadoporroesq

      If I get a job and can afford a plane ticket, I’ll definitely think about it – but there is no way I could talk my running buddy into it (although we do talk about doing racecations). How flat is Fargo?

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