I was thinking this morning about man caves (Home Depot recently suggested the perfect paint colors) and then thought, “well, if I had my own man-cave, what would I put in it?”  (No, I’m not a man, I don’t think I should have to be one to want a room of my own, painted in fun colors, that makes me feel peaceful.)  And this is where I fail.

Because in my wife-cave, I would want a TV, and a sewing machine, and probably space for my yoga mat and maybe a treadmill.  Making it my wife-cave/rec room/gym/sewing room.  And then I realized that well, I already have that.  Except it’s not all in one room.  And that my husband has none of that.  Because I’ve taken over our house. 

We have a three bedroom apartment.  In our defense, it was advertised and priced as a two bedroom apartment, but there is an extra “storage” room that is now the guest room/sewing room.  Our bedroom has it’s own little “dressing” area, which I set up my computer and craft corner in, as well as my own dressers and vanity table.  That was supposed to be my wife-cave, and my husband got his own office.  The problem is, well, we put the weight bench in his office and I’m the one that uses it.  So I added my yoga mat and stability ball and use it for doing home workout videos.  And then I moved my sewing machine into the guest room because it was too heavy for my craft table.  Now I’ve covered the sewing room in fabric.  So just like that, I took over two rooms in the house.

So in some ways, I can kind of see the logic behind a man-cave, especially for somebody whose wife spends the most time at home and has therefore taken over most of the rooms like I have.  My poor husband has been stuck with the living room, which frankly, is pretty nice, and the basement, which is cold and smells.  You would think the ideal answer to this is that my husband and I should each have our own zone, but that brings me to the main problem with the man-cave idea: we like to share. 

What?  What are you saying?  That a husband and wife might actually enjoy spending time together?  Why yes.  Yes I am saying that.  I am saying that sometimes my husband hangs out in the sewing/guest room while I sew.  I’m saying that sometimes we both sit on the couch and watch sports and drink beer.  But I’m also saying that we like to share – we share the weight bench and the other exercise stuff.  We share the couch.  We even share the sewing table, sometimes, in that if he asked nicely, I would clear my stuff from it so that he can use it. 

I’m not sure what I would do if my husband asked for permission to turn his office into a proper man-cave.  I would probably tell him, “sure, go ahead” and then I would sneak in there while he’s at work and watch TV on his big-screen TV.


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