The great thing about not being a student anymore is the freedom to do things, like plan spur-of-the-moment-last minute trips and do stuff on weekends.   It also gives me the freedom to do what I want, when I want to.  As long as it’s free.  And doesn’t interfere with my job hunt. 

So right now my husband and I are talking about a quick trip to visit his family, which would be great, since his grandparents won’t be around forever and we last went to visit them when we got engaged.  We’re also getting our wedding DVD back soon so we can bring that with us and watch it with our grandparents.  I really like that I don’t have to stress about midterms, papers, exams, or grades anymore.  Sure, unemployment totally stinks, but sometimes, it really beats being a student. 

I went to a local law school library today to do some research (my town has two law schools and I went to the lower-ranked, less-nice-building one) and it was kind of surreal to be there, surrounded by students.  All I wanted to do was run through the library screaming, “run for your lives! you’re never going to get a job!!!!”  I didn’t though.  I just walked over to the books and looked at them resentfully.  I knew what they were thinking.  “Who uses books anymore?”  Unemployed lawyers, that’s who.  Although apparently the library provides free Westlaw access for visitors!!! (A librarian took pity on me and asked me why I was using the books.) 

I do miss some stuff about school.  Like learning.  And having friends that I get to see every day.  And student groups.  But I’m organizing a panel discussion on work-life balance for my old student group, so I don’t miss it too much.  I don’t miss dealing with administrative bull like my replacement has to.  I do miss having a gym.

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