More baby stuff

I whipped up a couple of bibs and a nursing cover last night and this morning.  Overall, the bibs took about 20 minutes apiece and the nursing cover took maybe a little longer.  I used this pattern from The Purl Bee for the bibs and this pattern for the nursing cover.  Both projects were really easy and would be great for a beginner sewer. 

Nursing covers have boning in them so you can look down and see the baby’s head while he/she is nursing, nad have an apron-like strap to go around the mom’s neck. 

I seriously can’t communicate how easy these bibs were, or how cute they wound coming out.  This one was my favorite, I love how the lighthouses looked – unfortunately, it’s actually sideways – I’m horrible with directional fabrics and am always putting them sideways – but on this it is way less noticable. 

The total cost of these projects was $5 for a yard of terry cloth which I still have 3/4ths of a yard left of, $.50 for the D-Rings, and $.50 for the boning.  Everything else was fabric and supplies I already had, which it’s really good to get to burn through.


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