I’m throwing two baby showers in February.  Since I’m unemployed and time-rich and money-poor, I’m making the gifts for my friends.  This morning I finished the baby quilt I started last weekend, which is my first quilt ever and is a simple block quilt from 90 Minute Quilts.  The quilt definitely took me more than 90 minutes, but it probably took less than 4 hours total, and as I get better at quilting and do not sew the blocks wrong-side to right-side, I will get faster and the quilts won’t take more than 90 minutes. 

If you are new to sewing, firstly, you should check out Sara’s recent post on Fearless Sewing, and, I’m not sure that a quilt like this is the project I would start with.  It’s a little bit involved.  If you are just getting to know your sewing machine, I think a good first project is something more like a purse, or a yoga mat bag (I just made one for myself and I love it.)

Other baby projects I have in mind?  I checked through my friend’s registries to see what I could make, and what you can never have to many of, so I’ll be making a nursing cover for both ladies and some cloth diaper inserts for my friend who will be cloth diapering.  I would like to make something else for my friend whose shower is tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I’ll have time.  If I do, I’d like to put together a swaddling blanket or two, or maybe a bib.

My favorite part about all of these babies is I really get a chance to run through my fabric stash.  I didn’t have to buy anything for the quilt I just finished, but it used the last of my batting so I’m going to have to go to the fabric store to get more batting and also boning for the nursing cover.  I also have plenty of flannel and cotton, but I don’t have any microfiber or terry cloth for the diaper inserts or bibs, but my local Salvation Army store seems to get the clearance items from Target and sells them for very cheap – things like baby towels and sheets – which I hope will be a great way to pick up fabric for these projects without spending a lot of money.  The truth is that mostly I’m trying to avoid the fabric store, because I never seem to come out of those without 100 yards of fabric I don’t need. 

Anyone have any suggestions for other good handmade baby projects?  I started knitting a hat, but I don’t know how that will turn out.


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