I’m trying to get the hang of leggings.  So far, I have purchased a pair and I wear them as long underwear.  I think there might be a better answer somewhere, but I don’t have it yet.  For now, I wanted to see if there is an appropriately professional way to wear leggings (not with a suit, but possibly with an appropriate work dress). 

The answer, it seems, is no:

“Don’t use leggings in any situation where it’s important to look highly businesslike, formal, or dignified. Leggings are generally an item for casual and relaxed outfits. There may be some exceptions, such as when plain black leggings show on the legs between a knee-length skirtand boots. Tread carefully, and take cues from what is commonly worn in your workplace or your situation.”

A resounding no:

No short mini skirts or anything too fashion forward such as jangly jewelry and leggings. 

So there you have it folks: no leggings for lawyers.


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