Reviews: Fossil Executive Laptop Center Zip Tote

In my second year of law school, my grandmother very kindly gifted me a briefcase – the intent of which was that it would help me start my legal career on the right foot, and it would be high quality enough that I would keep it long after she was gone.  I picked the Fossil Executive Laptop Center Zip Tote, which I ordered from their website.  I used it through moot court, two years of school, my summer job, clinic, and on every job interview I’ve been on.  The bag is amazing, and great for a young student/professional. 

Whenever somebody asks about cute laptop bags, I recommend Fossil.  Sadly, Fossil appears to have stopped making their “briefpurse” bags a little while ago (and was never terribly invested in them, as they did not have them in the stores at all – which is really offensive, I think, since they had their whole men’s line).  So what is so great about this bag?

Really, the key feature is that outside pocket you see.  It’s perfect for storing my wallet, cell phone, and keys – I never lose them in the bigger compartments of the bag, and they are easy to access when I need my farecard or train ticket.  The bag also easily holds my laptop, my lunch, and a few legal pads, or whatever else you need to carry.  The only drawback is I now have a 17″ Sony Vaio and it doesn’t fit in the padded center compartment, which fit my little 13″ Dell so well.  (But I now keep my Kindle in the padded sleeve, which is good for it.)

I’ve had the bag for three years and it’s definitely starting to show wear, but I feel like it is becoming worn in a lawyerly way, rather than looking totally beaten up.  I love that it has little silver bits on the bottom to keep the bag off the dirt when I put it on the ground, and it’s not too heavy when I’m carrying it unless I fill it with stuff.  The little end pockets hold my mp3 player when I walk to court, and I can even fit a lightweight sweater in it when it’s summer and it’s hot outside but over-airconditioned inside.  It also fits a pair of heels/flip flops/ballet flats nicely when I change my shoes on the way to work.  It also has organizer pockets on the insides, which help to keep smaller things in place but I don’t really use as much as I should

So if you are in the market for a respectable looking lady-laptop bag/briefcase, I highly recommend this one – it’s also available in red at Macy’s for full price in the store, and in Cognac online.


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