I play on a Women’s hockey team, and frankly, I don’t really care for some of my teammates.  This is difficult, because I usually like most of my teammates, and find myself annoyed by the one girl who is always telling other people to take shorter shifts and change, but then changes when were on defense and takes really long shifts herself.  (I also take long shifts, but at least I’m not telling other people when to change.)  This season has been different because I really don’t care for a couple of them, but I do like the rest of the team.  (And they have all been nothing but nice to me, so I feel badly about this.)

One girl is one of the aforementioned ice hogs, but she did something yesterday that really annoyed me.  I scared our second goal of the game, off a puck that my captain brought up the ice and I tipped in off the rebound.  It was ridiculously sweet, and I spent the first 10 weeks of the season not scoring until last week’s game when I finally got a goal.  This is not me bragging about how much I’ve scored lately, but simply explaining that I’m not a high-scoring player.  I’m generally a distraction – I lead the defenders to believe that I will be scoring so they cover me and my teammate can put it in the net.  It works really well.

Anyway, my two teammates and I all were in front of the net and one teammate passed to me, but I got tied up by the defenders.  The puck somehow got to our team captain, I think because it bounced off my stick.  She put it in the net and it was a really nice goal.  Since the scorekeepers write down who scored each goal, and who assisted, the ref asked me if I touched the puck at all.  When he asked me, I thought about it since I really wasn’t sure, but at this point, my teammate said something along the lines of, “in her dreams”.  Which I thought was well, a little rude.

It is possible that my teammate doesn’t know that the league keeps the 2 assists, so she was worried that I would get written down instead of her.  In retrospect, I should definitely have clearly said, “Betty* definitely assisted, I’m not sure about myself.”  The ref wound up giving me the assist, but I think he gave it to me and my teammate, so it shows up in our “points”.  Points are important because they affect your rating in the drafting for later teams.  Plus, it’s a pride thing.  I can assure you that it sucks to have an assist go unnoticed.  Additionally, nobody likes it when somebody else takes credit for their goal.  Nonetheless, it seems to me that it is quite unsportsmanlike to put your teammate down in the manner that mine did.

Any thoughts?  Is there something I should have said or a way I should have acted to deal with this kind of situation in the future?  I kind of just let the ref make the call, saying, “if I touched the puck, it just bounced off my stick”.

*names have been changed


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  1. “In her dreams?” Excuse me? No call to say something like that, even if assist points were at stake. Betty sounds like a brat.

    I am awful at dealing with situations like this. Even when someone is clearly being unpleasant/mean I am always too afraid to call them on it. I think you handled it well given that you weren’t 100% sure about your own role in the goal — letting the ref make the call on the assist seems like a good way to handle this.

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