Reviews: Keen Bern Baby Bern

Last weekend I finally caved and picked up a pair of these bad boys: 

I’ve only had them for a week, but so far they meet almost all of my requirements:

  1. Fits well and has arch support.
  2. Doesn’t cause blisters and has smooth seams to avoid chafing.
  3. Looks cute with skinny jeans tucked into them.
  4. Doesn’t bag (much) around my really skinny ankles.
  5. Looks good with dress pants/a suit – and is high enough off the ground that I didn’t have to hem pants that were cut to fit heels. 
  6. Warm (especially if you add footwarmers.)

The only major drawback is that they are not waterproof – they are okay if you get caught in the snow, but the water starts to seep in pretty quickly, so I would definitely not wear them out in the snow.  They are also a little big around my calves/ankles, which makes them great for tucking in my jeans but means I need to wear pretty thick socks if I wear them with a skirt. 

The other really great thing about them is that they are very well suited to cycling – this morning, I went to yoga class and tucked my yoga pants into my boots so they wouldn’t get caught on my bike chain.  As we were riding to class, I realized that the heel of the boot fit perfectly against my pedals and it was making biking easier than usual because there wasn’t a risk of my feet slipping off the pedals. 

I will say that they were pretty expensive – $150 – but I had a $50 gift card to REI and they are really high quality leather, unlike a lot of the boots that you can get which aren’t soft, comfortable, or well made.  I even liked these better than the Earth boots I ordered and returned to Zappos last week.  If you are looking for flat, comfortable, professional winter boots, I would definitely pick up a pair of these – and my REI still had plenty in stock, unlike a lot of stores right now that are done with winter and starting to get spring styles.  Which is silly, because I know a lot of people are like me and still haven’t gotten around to getting winter boots.


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