Somewhat Employed

I got the news yesterday that for, at least, the month of February, I will be employed.  It’s a secretary job at a major law firm, and it should be a great learning experience.  Also, the office is business casual, which makes me really happy.  It’s a huge relief to get this position, because it makes for something for my resume to fill the gap of time I’ve been unemployed during.  It also means that I will have some income of my very own, which makes me very happy.  What am I going to do now that I have my own income? 

Firstly, I’m going to Pay Rent.  This feels so good.  If this is all I get to do, that’s okay.  I plan to earmark most of my new income for rent.  Since it took longer to get set up at the job, and it’s paid hourly, I’ll be making less total than I originally thought, but it will still be enough to pay the bills for February and March. 

Secondly, I’m going to Buy Snow Boots.  Or at least Warm Waterproof Comfortable Boots.  I’m thinking these.  It’s been pretty slushy lately, and I bought new warm boots for work but they are not waterproof at all.  The problem with living in a city is that often when you parrallel park, the passenger side of the car gets parked into a puddle.  This is wet, and cold.  Lined rain boots will hopefully solve this problem. 

Thirdly, I’m going to Go to Happy Hour with my Husband.  I really really miss happy hour.  This makes me sound like an alcoholic, but really it’s just a nice way to round out the week on Fridays and do something fun but not terribly expensive. 

I have a couple days before I start, which means it would be good to get the house in order and do some laundry and mending so I don’t have any fashion crises or “I can’t find x” or anything else once I do start.  I’ll be commuting an hour into the city on the train, which means plenty of reading time, which I’m looking forward to, but it also means that my husband gets to make dinner more than he does now.  This means we have to be more hardcore about menu planning, and also make sure that we have enough food in the house that we don’t get stuck if we didn’t menu plan.  Plus I still have volunteer work to wrap up/put on hold.


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