Time Off

I would say the biggest perk of working for free is that you can set your own hours and nobody can ask too much of you, because truthfully, nothing is really keeping you there.  So this morning, when I woke up with seriously painful sinus congestion (one entire side of my face had gone numb because of the congestion) and a pounding headache, and heard on the radio that most of the roads are bad, and that schools are closed in nearly every county in the state, I emailed my supervisor and let her know that I was taking the morning off.  Her response was, “feel better and we’ll see you when you come in.”

All of my friends with real jobs at the state house that I’m hella jealous of?  They’re already at work.  The state house doesn’t take snowdays.  When they are expecting a big snowstorm, the lobbyists and employees take their sleeping bags to work, and simply set up camp to wait out the storm.  So while I would love to have a real, full-time, paying job, the advantages to creating my own schedule are sometimes really, really clear.  I can come in when it’s safe, leave early to avoid the snow, and nobody minds – they are still just grateful that I’ve shown up at all. 


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  1. SO TRUE about the hours.

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